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Amazing footage of what interstellar flight through Milky Way looks like (VIDEO)

Amazing footage of what interstellar flight through Milky Way looks like (VIDEO)
Hundreds of thousands of NASA Spitzer space telescopes photos compiled in a single stunning video by YouTube user daveachuk present a unique chance for everyone to take a flight through the Milky Way, usually hidden under thick clouds of dust and gas.

The Spitzer telescope also operates in the infrared light spectrum that easily penetrates the dust. Since becoming operable in 2003, the telescope has made gigabytes of high-resolution images of space and in particular our galaxy, the Milky Way, made in multiple wavelengths of light.

The photos used in the video were taken by the Spitzer telescope during NASA’s ‘Glimpse Project’ and ‘MIPSGAL Project.’

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Artist's conception of the Spitzer Space Telescope (NASA/JPL-Caltech)

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To make this video, daveachuk processed and animated over 400,000 Spitzer photos to present a completely new view of space.