This is nuts! Water-skiing squirrel filmed with GoPro (VIDEOS)

This is nuts! Water-skiing squirrel filmed with GoPro (VIDEOS)
A squirrel that's been water-skiing in the US has been entertaining audiences online, after its perfect performance was filmed using a GoPro camera. The rodent is seen proudly gracing the blue waters of a pool on tiny water-skis attached to a boat.

A squirrel named Twiggy - described as "a vegetarian who is a water sports enthusiast" on Twitter, has been apparently too busy to post on social media for a while, but friends have stepped in to publicize the squirrel’s feats.

The animal act was recently featured at X Games Austin in Texas, and its water performance was recorded on a GoPro and posted on YouTube.

Screenshot from YouTube video by GoPro

The video shows a squirrel swimming to its water-skis in a pool, jumping onto it with the crowds cheering, and then firmly standing on the water-skis holding to a bar attached to a remotely controlled boat. The animal looks to be proud, judging by a close-up filmed with the small HD camera.

The act of trained squirrels has been popular in America for years, and they have made appearances on TV shows and films. In 2012, Twiggy the squirrel was featured in the popular “America's Got Talent” show, but to much of the audience’s disappointment the animal was eliminated in the audition round.