Model in glowing wingsuit lights up night skies over Panama City (VIDEO)

Model in glowing wingsuit lights up night skies over Panama City (VIDEO)
A sky diver could have been confused with an alien plunging from a UFO, but it was actually an Italian model with huge experience in sky diving. She dropped out of the sky over Panama’s capital as she was trying out a new illuminated wing suit.

Roberta Mancino, an international model who has completed over 7,000 skydives, recorded her stunning stunt on a GoPro camera. She jumped out of a helicopter as it flew over Panama City’s skyscrapers.

Wingsuit flying within urban areas is considered to be quite dangerous even in the day time, but the real challenge comes during the night. The footage was definitely worth it: the city lights created a perfect background for Roberta’s sparkling white suit, with its flying squirrel design.

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"After two years of working, planning for this project finally we got the permission to make my dream come true. You know when you are little and you read the comic books or you watch the movies of Super Heroes, well if I can choose a super power it will be flying, I really felt like Superman at one point looking inside the building," Mancino wrote on her Facebook page on Thursday.

The 34-year-old Italian, who started skydiving in 2001, has chalked up several world records and has made four jumps in the nude for magazine photo shoots. She recently became the first woman to fly from a tower in a wingsuit, jumping from the 400-meter-high Princess Tower in Dubai.

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