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​On top of a volcano: Insane jump by Chilean daredevil Sebastian Alvarez hits target (VIDEO)

A Chilean base jumper and daredevil has stunned the world with his trick of flying through his country’s national flag in a wingsuit. Flyer Sebastian Alvarez says he wanted to see if his precision would allow him to hit a target – and yes, he did.

For his latest stunt, Alvarez jumped out of a helicopter in a squirrel suit and piloted it through unpredictable wind to hit a small dot –actually two guys standing on a cliff, holding a model of the Chilean flag.

The capital Santiago is underneath, its buildings looking even smaller.

“I just wanted to know how precise I can be flying, so at one point I just decided to [set] a target and try to hit it,” he told RT.

Alvarez’s jump was a flying success, as he landed straight in the flag, splitting the wooden board in half, with the two people continuing to hold the posts on either side. Calculating the wind alone for something like that looks like enough to give anyone a headache.

Alvarez says the key thing is achieving physical and mental focus, with the emphasis on the mental.

“Of course you have to be really, really healthy in mind and body, but it’s more about your mind… I do get frightened, but I try turn it into something positive.”

Ordinary base jumping is one of the most dangerous things one can do as it is, but what Alvarez did takes things to a whole different level, which has won him fans all around the world.

Alvarez has a whole lot of jumps under his belt, each more daring than the previous.