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Man saves overweight, prostrate sheep from death in Cumbria, UK (VIDEO)

Man saves overweight, prostrate sheep from death in Cumbria, UK (VIDEO)
A Cumbrian man has become a social media hero after he saved a sheep that fell over and was lying on its back, unable to get up, as its fleece was too heavy. Darren Green, who uploaded the video, has been credited with saving the animal's life.

The poor creature urgently needed a push before it lost its breath in Cumbria, one of the most beautiful regions of the UK.

The video showing the sheep in a distressed state has become popular on Facebook, with hundreds of supporters saying it would have died in pain without Darren's help. One man noted that Darren's act of mercy has “highlighted a serious problem.”

@TheOnlyGuru@itvnews Poor sheep. Is it not embarrassing enough to be caught in this position, then to be called Fat! Tut Tut @TriciaJarman

— *LadywithStyle* (@TriciaJarman) 21 июня 2015

“Can people who enjoy the countryside and especially the fells, when you are out there, please keep an eye out for the animals and help if you can. Remember the farmer could be many miles away, so you are the first point of contact, and in most cases your help at this point could make the difference,” Jon Joe wrote on Facebook.

Saved a fat sheep that couldn't get up, looked dead at first but got closer and it was rolling around… https://t.co/aG9hXPNQ7Q

— GAN GreNE (@gan_gre) 17 июня 2015