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24 Apr, 2015 15:36

Bare your sword: Japanese politician appears nude on campaign poster

Bare your sword: Japanese politician appears nude on campaign poster

​Politicians are always creative in trying to attract voters, but some go to extreme lengths. A Japanese nationalist has decided to win the hearts of his voters with a naked photo of himself holding a sword, the national flag in the background.

Sunday’s second wave of unified local elections in Japan revealed that candidates employ various tools to gain votes, including nudity. Indeed, right-wing singer Teruki Goto, 34, decided to distinguish himself by preparing a poster of himself in his birthday suit.

The text on the poster, however, hides… well, everything that should be hidden.

Goto is an independent candidate for the Chiyoda Ward Assembly. Chiyoda is a special ward located in central Tokyo and houses over 40,000 people.

It is unclear whether it will allow him to get more votes, but one thing is unquestionable: he managed to draw public attention.

According to the Japanese Public Offices Election Law nudity in this case is not prohibited because there are no limitations on the design of posters – they just should contain the candidate’s name and be posted on designated boards.

#TerukiGoto poster goes viral http://t.co/2nao8W5VXf@SheilaSmithCFR@Tokyo_Tom@devintstewartpic.twitter.com/Azf1Xhcd8h

— Daniel P. Aldrich (@DanielPAldrich) 24 апреля 2015

Election law does not allow campaigning for commercial interests and regulates size of posters and their number per candidate.

Teruki Goto also has not violated Japanese administrative law. Lawyer Takashi Yamaguchi explains that “Japan’s law on obscenity is relatively simple. The law may be applied only in cases where genitals are exposed. At this level, it’s within the scope of the right to freedom of expression.”

Teruki Goto’s poster is being discussed in social networks at length.

It’s not Goto’s first attempt to win local elections by using unusual posters. In 2013, he posed in a tight white suit with a hoodie while riding a panda.

Goto Teruki. real politician? Or is his campaign an art project? Either way, I want a t-shirt of this poster pic.twitter.com/W0t4QlKHI9

— Ted O'Neill Mejiro (@mejted) 19 июня 2013

Goto, 34, is a singer with a shot at making it in politics. He wants to make Japan the strongest power in the world and calls for respect for traditional Japanese culture. The would-be politician also claims that Japan must become independent in international relations – that’s why he insists on removing American bases from Japanese territory.