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‘France a sh** country?’ Then leave, Marine Le Pen tells football star Ibrahimovic

‘France a sh** country?’ Then leave, Marine Le Pen tells football star Ibrahimovic
National Front leader Marine Le Pen has called on Zlatan Ibrahimovic to leave France if he doesn’t like it. The move follows the football star’s angry remark about French match referees.

He was filmed making the comment on Sunday evening.

“In 15 years I’ve never seen a [good] referee in this shit country ... [they] don’t even deserve PSG,” Ibrahimovic said referring to French football team Paris Saint-Germain. "We're too good for all of you."

The remark caused political and sporting outrage in the country. Numerous officials qualified the statement as unacceptable and demanded an apology. Sports Minister Patrick Kanner described it as "insulting."

“Let him play football and shut up, or at least be respectful of this country, the football supporters who were also insulted,” Jérôme Guedj of the Socialist party said, the Guardian reported.

Ibrahimovic hurried to make an apology on social media.

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“Regarding my comments after tonight’s game; they were not against France or the French people,” he wrote in his Instagram account. “I spoke about football. I lost the game, I accept that, but I can’t accept when the referee doesn’t follow the rules. It’s not the first time and I’m sick of it. My sincere apologies if anyone was offended or took it the wrong way.”

The France’s football governing body LFP (Ligue de Football Professionnel) said in a statement on Monday disciplinary commission of the LFP would discuss Ibrahimovic’s comments in its meeting on Thursday at the end of the game between Bordeaux and Paris St-Germain.

The National Front leader Marine Le Pen’s reaction was even harsher, as she proposed that Ibrahimovic leave France if he wanted to make such remarks.

“Those who consider that France is a shit country can leave it,” Le Pen said.

Ibrahimovic, who plays for Paris Saint-Germaine, is famous for his controversial comments. Last week he said Chelsea players acted like babies when he was shown a red card.