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8 Feb, 2015 14:39

Prison breakout in Brazil after guards fall for fake ‘orgy’ plan (VIDEO)

Prison breakout in Brazil after guards fall for fake ‘orgy’ plan (VIDEO)

The success of a guard-seducing strategy, masterminded by three females in fantasy police costumes, allowed dozens of prisoners escape via the central gate of a Brazilian prison, leaving the wardens with no clothes and no weapons.

Twenty-eight inmates made an easy escape after guards at the Nova Mutum public jail, near the city of Cuiaba in central Brazil, were seduced by three women, who tempted them with promises of an orgy and whisky, which was reportedly drugged, according to investigators.

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The morning after the mass breakout police found three guards naked and handcuffed. Later, they also discovered a bag with lingerie and dominatrix police uniforms, presumably worn by the women, who arrived at the prison at 3 am on Thursday to “chat and drink” with the guards, police said.

“The plan was to seduce them. They served them cheap whisky with some substance to knock them out, then unlocked the central gate which accesses the internal cells. Whoever wanted to escape left by the front door,” police chief Angelina de Andrades Ferreira said at a press conference as quoted by the Telegraph.

Screenshot from Ruptly video

“From the moment they drank the whisky the agents don't remember a thing. One was found dizzy, trying to wake up. Another slept for the whole afternoon and couldn't even be questioned,” she said, adding that 12 caliber rifles shotguns, two 38 caliber revolvers and munitions were taken.

Screenshot from Ruptly video

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Ferreira added that the three negligent prison officers had been arrested and would be charged with “facilitating a jailbreak” and “culpable embezzlement.”

The mastermind behind the escape was allegedly the 18-year-old boyfriend of one of the women, Bruno Amorim, who was behind bars for attempted murder, robbery and firearms possession.

On Friday, as a result of a major police operation, eight of the 28 prisoners had been recaptured.

Screenshot from Ruptly video