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21 Jan, 2015 14:20

Russian avatar cyborg, crack shot & quad bike rider, meets Putin (VIDEO)

Russian avatar cyborg, crack shot & quad bike rider, meets Putin (VIDEO)

An android combat avatar robot presented to the Russian president shoots a handgun accurately and can ride a quad bike, while its operator stands at a safe distance. “It looks more like a sci-fi movie,” Putin said.

On Monday, Vladimir Putin was visiting the testing area of the Central Scientific-Research Institute, which hosts the Advanced Research Foundation (ARF). An analogue of the Pentagon’s DARPA agency, ARF has been busy developing modern advanced technology weapon systems near Moscow since 2012.

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Journalists weren’t allowed to accompany the head of state and see all the classified engineering projects on display – nevertheless, the remotely operated avatar cyborg drew a lot of attention.

The robot discharged five shots from a handgun, each time hitting the target and then it drove a quad bike, while its operator dressed in a sensor suit manipulated the cyborg’s activities.

The avatar robot is a result of collaboration between the ARF and Android Technics. The robot’s development began as a space industry program to engineer a cyborg for operating on board the International Space Station.

The engineers at the ARF believe a robot must be able to function like a human being, be capable of effectively operating in a human environment, able to over rugged terrain, drive vehicles and provide emergency medical treatment to wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

The Russian president said: “Everything I’ve seen today confirms our colleagues are on the right path to achieve the desired objectives. These advanced developments look really interesting, sometimes more like a sci-fi movie.”

President Vladimir Putin (center) visiting the research institute of precision mechanics in Klimovsk, the Moscow suburbs, January 20, 2015. Second left: Dmitry Semizorov, Director-General, Research Institute of Precision Mechanics.(RIA Novosti / Michael Klimentyev)

The Central Scientific-Research Institute is also known for developing an exoskeleton to be worn by humans with mobility problems.