#illridewithyou: Aussies call for support, tolerance to Muslims amid hostage crisis

#illridewithyou: Aussies call for support, tolerance to Muslims amid hostage crisis
Australian Twitter users have shown their support for their Muslim neighbors with a spontaneous campaign, offering to ride with them on buses and trains, or give them a lift to work to ensure their safety as the Sydney hostage situation continues.

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It all started with a young Sydney woman, Rachael Jacobs, who posted her Facebook status about how she met a Muslim woman and who evidently felt intimidated by taking public transport amid the siege.

“…and the (presumably) Muslim woman sitting next to me on the train silently removes her hijab,” she wrote, “I ran after her at the train station. I said ‘put it back on. I’ll walk with you.”

Jacobs’ message was met warmly by social media users. In the past two hours the heart-warming #illridewithyou hashtag had more than 90,000 mentions.

People from Sydney and throughout Australia decided to publicly reach to the members of the Muslim community. They offered to accompany them home tonight or to work tomorrow if they feel afraid or insecure.

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“Anybody concerned for their safety going to work in Brisbane tomorrow morning from the Northside, #illridewithyou,” wrote @scouse_roar.

Australian Muslims have been responding to the #illridewithyou campaign, thanking those who gave them a lift to ensure their safety.

“A kind lady named Mica drove me home after a cab that we shared from Sydney's CBD wasn't able to drop me off all the way home,” wrote @MariamVeiszadeh Twitter user.