Is Dutch Santa racist? Or a joke others just don't get...

Is Dutch Santa racist? Or a joke others just don't get...
December 6 is Sinterklaas - the day Holland’s Santa arrives from Spain to deliver presents. He’s helped by the loyal, blacked-up throwback “Black Pete.” But these days the Dutch are divided over whether the tradition is quaint or embarrassing.

While the awesome Dutch are known for many great things: dikes, cheese, agro-industry, total football, and multilingual brilliance, “Zwarte Piet” (Black Pete) does not go down well with everyone.

“Nonsense, we’re not racist – you can’t take a joke!" they say.

RT surfed #Sinterklaas and pulled the following at random from the interweb.

The “smart school” Ashram College tweets that Santa arrived with his magical “big book” on and Piets ROLLERSKATES:

Dutch naval cadets are getting presents, thanks to ‘Sint en Piets’ too.

The break-in prevention teams are also having a holiday, but assuring us they’ll be busy while the Dutch unwrap their gifts and eat their dropjes.

The ‘discovery school’ in Doorn is welcoming Santa too – they tweet he’s happy with his Black Petes...

Oh and here’s cartoon of Fokke and Sukke, yes, sweating it out as Pete and Santa check Facebook to see if they’ve been good. Obviously.

In true Dutch tourist style, Santa drops into a red light district. Perhaps the best regulated prostitution in the world. This may be a safe-sex promo.

Here’s Black Pete on the dock, reciting Pythagoras’ theorem. Natch.

And this is perhaps a little too strange to describe properly, but it’s in the north of Holland.

The holiday remains, though, very old and very, very Dutch.