​Badass motion: Russia’s ‘BatTram’ explored (VIDEO)

The futuristic-looking glossy black streetcar produced by a leading tank factory in Russia has been touring the country in a bid to attract future buyers. A new video featuring the R1 at a Moscow industry expo has been released.

R1, or Russian One, is the brainchild of the civil transport arm of Uralvagonzavod. Designed and engineered by OKB Atom’s creative director, Aleksey Maslov, and chief engineer, Maksim Kuzin, it first attracted media attention in July, when the manufacturer revealed the tram to the public.

With black glossy surfaces and angled lines, the streetcar looks like something straight out of Batman’s Gotham, as depicted in Nolan’s trilogy, some commenters said. The latest video was shot during the ExpoCityTrans 2014 in Moscow.

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