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15 Nov, 2014 18:01

SS Christmas decorations on Czech auction site spark outrage

SS Christmas decorations on Czech auction site spark outrage

As the holiday season quickly approaches, some "fancy" and "authentic" Nazi Christmas decorations have been posted to a Czech auction site. The items have sparked public outrage.

"I offer to sell Christmas decorations SS troops. All in original condition. Undamaged. This is a blown ornament. Ornaments are the original colors in top condition. Slightly worn with age. This is a rare piece,” the user, known as Anti95, says on the website.

Screenshot from aukro.cz

The seller adds that the decorations were “used by SS units over 70 years ago.”

The set, which is reportedly original and undamaged, consists of four Christmas ornaments for a tree. The deocrations quickly made headlines after being spotted on the Aukrowebsite.

Bids started at about $280 for the entire set. However, Aukro customers didn’t find the offer tempting and lashed out at the seller.

“My granddad would cry if he saw this,” said one Facebook user on Aukro’s Facebook page, as cited by the Daily Mail.

Others – especially older generations – remembered wartime stories of misery and death told by grandparents, many of them fighting in the Nazi resistance.

One user suggested that such items should be destroyed, regardless of their historical value.

The offer was deleted from the site's Facebook page following the public outrage.

But the seller maintains that the set is “intended solely for collecting purposes” and expresses his non-allegiance to any ideology “suppressing human rights…or a movement which supports national, racial or class hatred.”

The ornaments aren't the only Nazi-friendly pieces of memorabilia on the website. There's a host of allegedly authentic souvenirs, ranging from books to decorative plates, and even a Nazi helmet which is in relatively good condition.