​6.0 magnitude quake hits Azerbaijan

​6.0 magnitude quake hits Azerbaijan
A 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit northern Azerbaijan, 220km from the capital, Baku, reported the country’s national seismology center. The area has been struck by a series of tremors in the last few days.

The quake struck at a depth of 5km and was 13km northeast of the town of Qabala, said press service of seismological service of Azerbaijan’s Academy of Science. It was recorded at 9:59am local time (04:59 GMT).

The tremors in Qabala, the most ancient city of Azerbaijan and home to some 13,000 residents, were registered at a magnitude of 5.0. No casualty or damage reports were immediately available.

Four quakes also reportedly hit the town of Shaki, said local news website Baku.ws.

The reports of the tremors appeared on Friday. USGS (United States Geological Survey) recorded a 4.8 magnitude earthquake 18km from the town of Qutqashen (near Qabala) and 183km from Baku. The quake was recorded at 7:59pm local time (14:59 GMT).

The seismological service of Azerbaijan’s Academy of Science, however, said the quake had a 3.2 magnitude and its epicenter was at the depth of 9km.

On September 29, another earthquake with a 5.3 magnitude hit the Kubinsky district in the north of Azerbaijan, said the USGS.