Miracle survival: 6yo boy alive after falling from 16th floor in Moscow

Miracle survival: 6yo boy alive after falling from 16th floor in Moscow
A six-year-old boy who was left alone in a Moscow apartment fell out the window on the 16th floor, reportedly when he was trying to see his parents outside. The boy has survived, but is in critical condition.

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The boy was found lying on a car parked near the block of apartments in eastern Moscow, local police said.

The child received injuries of various degrees of severity and has been taken to hospital in critical condition,” Itar-Tass cited a police representative as saying.

The injured boy was first spotted by employees of a nearby beauty salon, who called the emergency services and stayed with the boy until they arrived.

We all ran out into the street and saw a child lying there with only one shoe on,” a woman from the salon told NTV channel. “He was crying. I was consoling him. We knew we could only help him by not toughing him and consoling him, while waiting for an ambulance.”

The boy’s father later told NTV that he and his wife had to leave the apartment after the child’s grandmother called them and said she had just been cheated on by swindlers and needed immediate help.

The child’s parents then quickly left the apartment, leaving their son inside.

The boy reportedly later told his parents that he was scared by the whole situation, so he brought a chair to the window and stood on it to get a better view of his parents coming out of the building. That was when he lost his balance and fell out.