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29 Jul, 2014 15:49

​‘No children left in Gaza!’ Right-wing Israeli mob mocks deaths in anti-Gaza chant (VIDEO)

​‘No children left in Gaza!’ Right-wing Israeli mob mocks deaths in anti-Gaza chant (VIDEO)

A right-wing Israeli mob has been caught on film seemingly celebrating the deaths of Palestinian children in Operation Protective Edge. Over 1,200 Palestinians have been killed in Israel’s latest offensive, including over 200 children.

The video uploaded onto YouTube on Saturday shows a group of right-wing Israeli activists celebrating the Israeli Defense Force’s incursion into Gaza.

“Tomorrow there’s no teaching in Gaza, they don’t have any children left,” chanted the protesters, waving Israeli flags.

The video was published by Israeli journalist Haim Har-Zahav.

The chant also contains the words “I hate all Arabs” and “Gaza is a graveyard,” according to the pro-Palestinian news resource Electronic Intifada.

The protesters also voiced their rage at Arab members of Knesset, the Israeli parliament - Hanin Zoabi and Ahmad Tibi.

"Ahmad Tibi, I wanted you to know, the next child to get hit is yours,” they shouted, accusing both Tibi and Zoabi of terrorism and calling for their Israeli citizenship to be revoked.

Zoabi triggered an outcry in Israeli after giving an interview where she suggested that the men who kidnapped and murdered three Israeli boys were not terrorists and were acting in response to Israeli aggression. The Israeli parliament’s ethics committee has now banned Zoabi from all parliamentary activities except voting for the next six months.

Saturday’s right-wing gathering was meant to counter a much larger left-wing demonstration where several thousand people were urging to end the conflict in Gaza and resume peace talks, Times of Israel reports.

Israel is intensifying its attacks on Gaza as part of Operation Protective Edge. On Tuesday Gaza’s health ministry said that at least 100 Palestinians had died in Israeli shelling since midnight.

Palestinian officials say that in total over 1,200 Palestinians have been killed in the fighting, with over 215,000 displaced in Gaza. The Israeli military says it has lost 53 soldiers during Operation Protective Edge.