Military jet collides with private jet in Germany

Eurofighter jet (Image from
A small light aircraft has crashed with a German military plane in the skies over the town of Olsberg, northwest Germany, a police spokeswoman reported. There were two people on board the small Learjet aircraft.

The Luftwaffe jet was able to successfully land at its base in Nörvenich near Cologne. The Learjet crashed in an uninhabited area. Details about its passengers are as of yet unknown.

"I had heard the jets. We live here in a low-fly zone. Suddenly, there was silence. It was quite strange. Then we saw the vast field of debris - only 20 meters from residential buildings. That was really close," 26-year-old eyewitness Alexander Volke told German newspaper BILD.

A spokesman for the Luftwaffe in Berlin confirmed an incident between a Eurofighter jet and a civil aircraft. German military spokesman Joerg Langer confirmed to AP that two Eurofighter jets had been operating in the area. Langer told the agency that there had been “contact” with the Learjet and the fighter planes landed safely.