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Pakistani woman gang-raped and hanged from tree (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Pakistani woman gang-raped and hanged from tree (GRAPHIC PHOTO)
Parents looking for 20-year old Mazummil Bibi found her hanged from a tree in eastern Pakistan. Police discovered the girl was gang raped before being killed; three men were arrested over the crime, her former boyfriend among them.

“This is the first time in my 22 years of service with the police that I have seen such a case,” said Sadaqat Ali Chohan, a senior police officer in the poor Layyah district of Punjab province.

Mazummil went missing in Thursday night. Her parents looked for her all night, police said, only to find the body in a field.

Police found the girl was attacked by several men and put up a fight, after which they strangled her.

“We have heard of such cases in India but never in Pakistan. The girl’s clothes were torn. We took her down and moved her to hospital. Her body had signs of resistance. We have arrested three individuals who have confessed to the crime,” the police officer told Reuters.

One of them was the woman’s boyfriend whom she had been dating for six months. He admitted to trying to force the woman to have sex with his two friends and then killing her.

Bibi was the eldest daughter of two blind parents and had made a living from farming a small piece of land.

The incident bears a chilling resemblance to a crime that took place in May, where two teenage cousins were found hanging from a tree after being raped in the north of India. Political leaders in Uttar Pradesh faced criticism for not even going to visit the scene of the horrific crime.

A policeman stands near the body of Muzammil Bibi, 20, after policemen lowered her after she was found hanging from a tree in the town of Nawan Kot, located in Pakistan's Punjab province June 20, 2014. (Reuters / Irshad Hussain)