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Psaki in firing line? RT pleads ‘not guilty’ over Jen demise rumor

Psaki in firing line? RT pleads ‘not guilty’ over Jen demise rumor
US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki has a number of indefensible claims under her belt. But while some could merit at least minimal consideration, she really hit the jackpot with inexplicable allegations that RT spread rumors of her being fired.

Amid the initial confusion, some social media users were saddened, before Psaki moved to reassure them.

But concerning the allegations, couldn’t the spokeswoman simply have provided a link to the apparent propaganda? The RT team was just as perplexed as everyone else today.

"Psaki is under the illusion that there is RT scheming all around her. Dear Jen! We did not write of your firing! If you in fact had been fired, we couldn’t write – we would weep!”, RT Head Margarita Simonyan tweeted.

Apparently, some rumors suggesting Jen Psaki had been fired originated on Thursday in the type of blog-like, independent media that have nothing to do with the Russian government - let alone RT. They often jump at the opportunity to raise tension every time a ‘big one’ happens – all because Psaki’s deputy, Mary Harf, had attended a recent State Department briefing in her stead.

In short, no one knows how or why the Friday news that’s got everyone hot and bothered was circulated. Or why Psaki decided to lash out at RT.

In any case, support was soon at hand, as Twitter hashtags began popping up begging the powers that be to #SavePsaki, if only for the comic relief she provided.

Some even parodied official claims by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as President Putin himself. The following was taken during a recent official meeting:

Then there was the seriousness with which the matter was approached by former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. In an apparent bid to accuse the Russian mentality of generally deriving pleasure out of spreading lies, the recent Moscow resident weighed in.

Russian representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin was quizzed on Psaki’s apparent disappearance. He told Russia 24 he had no idea where she’d gone, but expressed sincere hope Jen would be back, as “I’ve always derived great pleasure from listening to her speak.”

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