Burst water main creates 5-story spout, destruction in Russian city (VIDEO)

Still from YouTube video/donnews ru
A water main burst in Rostov-on-Don, in southwest Russia, created a huge spout reaching the top of the five-story building close to it. The rubble and water from the blast smashed windows and damaged cars parked nearby.

Videos, which emerged online, show the enormous fountain next to a five-storied apartment block. The accident happened during a water main pressure check, according to the local media. The pressure was so high, water overflowed the roof.

“I was struck when I saw water flooding my apartment, from both sides,” Ekaterina, who lives in the damaged house told donnews.ru. “There was a roar, it was scary! We were relatively lucky, some of our neighbors’ apartments were so flooded they had to use buckets to bail out the water.”

The burst main blasted a huge hole in the road, measuring several meters in diameter. At least seven cars were damaged; all of them have broken windows and some have more serious damages.

The pressure check was carried out by the Lukoil company, which car owners and residents of the damaged house are now going to sue.