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12 Mar, 2024 14:48

Every Indian believes they can make a difference, Bollywood mogul tells RT

Billionaire Ronnie Screwvala sat down with host Anupam Kher to decode the mysteries of the ‘Bharat’
Every Indian believes they can make a difference, Bollywood mogul tells RT

The narrowing of the divide between rural and urban India is a cause for optimism and high expectations in remote areas of the country, Bollywood mogul Ronnie Screwvala told Anupam Kher on the first episode of RT’s latest show ‘Let’s Talk Bharat’.

”If in a country, anyone and everyone feels [they] can make a difference, we are in the right place,” the billionaire said of rural India’s renewed optimism. Screwvala, who has produced some of the biggest blockbusters in the history of the Indian film industry, also works extensively to improve living conditions in rural areas through the Swades Foundation NGO.

India is one of the few countries where 90% of the people believe their future will be better than their past, Screwvala said. “I am very excited about everything to do with India today.”

However, he cautioned that the execution is “ten times more important” than simply coming up with “bright ideas.” Fortunately, he added, the current government is one of “execution and accountability.”

In recent times, the “channelization and accountability” of “raw energy” that India possesses has been “really acute,” and perception management of where the country stands has been “very strong” under the present government, Screwvala said.

“We are both from the media industry where we know positioning and perception is half the approach to whatever it is [we are dealing with],” he told Kher.

The host of the show, apart from being a prominent figure in Indian cinema and television over several decades, has also appeared in international projects including the Golden Globe-nominated ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ (2002), Hollywood drama ‘Mistress of Spices’ (2006), and Ang Lee’s Golden Lion-winning romantic thriller ‘Caution, Lust’ (2007).

In the RT talk show, he dives into the mysteries of ‘Bharat’ – another name for India and a new political concept. The program will feature insightful conversations with prominent businessmen, celebrities, and intellectuals from the country. The discussions will center around India’s emergence as an economic powerhouse and the country’s soft-power influence and leadership in technology and innovation.

The 30-minute show aired globally on March 11, 2024, at 9pm Indian Standard Time (IST). Highlights of the show are also available on RT’s social media platforms.