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Samsung and Yandex link up to drive internet access further

Samsung and Yandex link up to drive internet access further
Global electronics giant, Samsung, has linked up with Russia search and social media provider, Yandex in a move which will see Yandex’s TV widget with access to its online services, on Samsung Smart TV across Russia and the CIS.

The strategic partnership between the two companies unveiled in Moscow on Monday, will see Yandex the default search engine, with the Yandex site the default home page for Samsung Smart TV users, with Yandex services also available on Samsung’s bada 2.0 powered smartphones.

Samsung Electronics Director for Marketing, CIS, Sergey Pevnev, says consumers will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

"This partnership between two market leaders, Samsung and Yandex, will be beneficial to the consumer who will benefit from a new level of helpful services in smart devices from Samsung," and adding "Yandex's apps for Samsung Smart TV and bada-powered mobile phones help users to quickly find and receive the latest information and stay updated on recent news and events."

Director of Operational Marketing at Yandex, Elena Dobrokhotova, says the Samsung strategic partnership will lead to new services, as internet access moves further from computing.

"The time when the computer was the only device for browsing the internet is long past. Web services and applications are now available on various mobile devices, smartphones and game consoles. Together with the Samsung team, we are continuing to evaluate what services are appropriate for each device to provide an optimal experience for the user."