Every 2nd Russian dreams of working for Gazprom

Every 2nd Russian dreams of working for Gazprom
The number of Russians wanting to work for major state-owned companies is increasing. Experts warn it reflects the state’s growing involvement in the economy.

­The most wanted companies of Russian employees are the country’s top three state enterprises Gazprom, Rosneft and Sberbank, according to the Russian Public Opinion Research Center. 44% of its respondents want to work in Russia’s gas monopoly Gazprom, compared to just 33% in 2009.

State run oil major Rosneft is a desirable workplace for 29% of respondents, 25% would chose to work for Sberbank, according to the data. The number willing to work for them has also increased. Russian Railways and the private oil producer Lukoil are also among the top five potential employers.

Specifically in Russia it’s a reflection of the importance of the state in the economy. Our BNE report recently suggested that the Russian state now accounts for half of GDP against the global average of 30%. Gazprom alone is 8% of GDP by itself,” Ben Aries, editor in chief of BNE magazine told RT.

The poll suggests firms working in the field of telecommunication, such as MTS and Beeline are losing their appeal. Fewer than 3% of respondents want to work for both of them.

Experts say, bigger and more powerful companies seem to be offering more opportunities in terms of satisfaction from work and pay.

"We are seeing a generation change in the labor market. In an effort to get into the "middle class", young people are looking for work on the basis of their material needs, not because they really like it,"  Aleksandr Kazakov, Deputy Director General at Exclusive Personnel told Vedomosti daily. He says this will lead to unpopularity of entire sectors among potential employees, which may impact the development of the economy as a whole.