Nobel prize winner talks up Russian science environment

Russia could conquer up to 3% of the world's nanotechnology market by 2015, but Russian born physics 2010 Nobel Prize winner, Professor Konstantin Novoselov, told Business RT there is still plenty of hard work ahead.

­“It is a little bit different system from we have used to now in Manchester. Probably one of the major problem is that you will have to hunt for the money for a little bit longer here rather than in Manchester to support the same team, and would probably need a little bit larger grant, especially for a start up.  But those are all minor problems, I think there are similar problems in other countries as well.  So in order that there is this very nice system, Russian fund for fundamental research, so they provide grants which are in principle sufficient for good labs, so that, I think, it is possible to do nice science environment.”

RT: Will you move back to Russia one day?

“At the moment there are no invitations from Russia. There is one from another country, and I would most probably try to go there, or go there for a sabbatical.”