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Deripaska looks for aluminium demand rise and Norilsk management catch up

At the World economic Forum in Davos, Rusal CEO, Oleg Deripaska spoke with Business RT about Asian demand outlook for aluminium, and his position on Norilsk Nickel.
OD:“Japan, Korea and China would be key are in our customers and demand will grow.And again Russia wants to really improve, not just its image, but real situation with foreign investment.Eastern Siberia, Russian Far East, not just because it’s so close to China, because infrastructure is already developed there would be very important for development of natural resources.”RT:How much do you expect demand for Rusal aluminium to grow? OD:Let’s say, our expectation next year in the global demand for aluminium will grow about 6%.RT:If Norilsk Nickel offers you about $16 billion for your stake will you accept it?OD:“We need to have not just formal commitment to new reality in Russian corporation, but we need to have an action. And you have seen how successful with Rusal.Norilsk Nickel lagging behind, in sort of in line with some let's say State corporation, in all this practice.”RT:Do you think Mr Strzhalkovsky is the right man to run Norilsk Nickel?OD:“I am investor, I represent Rusal, and I have not just a view, I have result, which company deliver.And not just aggregated financial results, but also technical result. And company far, far behind now what they need to do as soon as possible.But they have a great asset, and I believe this asset will have a great future.”