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80% of Ford workers end strike

Ford’s hardline approach to a strike near St. Petersburg appears to be paying off, with 80% of workers now back at work. The car manufacturer was losing $US5 MLN a day from the strike and on Monday it failed to reach a deal with trade unions.

Ford vowed to withdraw wages from strikers and demanded that every worker put their stance in writing. Those who ignore the strike are now being paid full wages.

On November 20, trade unions claimed that only 20% of members were ignoring the strike.

The strike is over pay and conditions now heading into its second week.

The trade union is demanding wage increases of around 30 % for next year, and says the strike won't end until the rises are granted. Ford, which has called the demands excessive, says around 40 % of the workforce support the strike.

When it is fully operational, the plant produces 300 cars a day and analysts estimate Ford is losing $ US 5 MLN every day it is out of action.