Train takes the pain out of flying to France

If you are afraid of flying, getting to Paris from Moscow has got a whole lot easier. A new direct train service has been inaugurated linking the two capitals.

The three thousand two hundred kilometre distance is covered in 38 hours, at speeds of up to 200km per hour.

The route, Moscow – Berlin – Paris, is the second longest train ride in Europe. The longest is the direct service from Moscow to Nice which began last year.

The train to the South of France has proved so popular the new link to the French capital was established.

The three class trains are staffed by multi-lingual staff as the train travels through five countries on its day and a half journey.

French Minister of Transport Thierry Mariani expects this to be only the beginning of a series of partnership in other Russian railroad projects.

Russian Vice Prime-Minister Sergey Ivanov is pleased with French cooperation in the Moscow to St Petersburg toll road.

France could also be involved in the construction of the high-speed rail line between the two cities which is due to be completed by the end of the decade.