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Interview with Sergey Ermolaev

Sergey Ermolaev,  Chief representative of the Canadian  Bombardier Co. in Russia spoke to Russia Today on the company's interests in Russia.

Russia Today: Is it your first time at the MAKS air show? What are your impressions?

Sergey Ermolaev: We think the air show is gaining a lot of popularity here. The importance of the show is growing. We are seeing lots of people here, we are establishing very good new contacts and we continue with the old ones. So, there is a real business importance to this event.

RT: Russia, correct me if I am wrong, was going to buy Bombardier planes before deciding to produce its own Sukhoi Super Jet 100 that is said to be released next year. How did that decision affect your company's interests in Russia?

S.E.: Well, indeed we are talking to a lot of airlines, to a lot of customers who were showing interest in our airplanes. We do not believe that we are a direct competitor to the Sukhoi Super Jet 100 due to technical characteristics, and the size of our airplanes. So, there is a definite niche for us and for Sukhoi jets as well.

RT: What are the differences between your plane and Sukhoi’s Super Jet 100? Are they still regional planes?

S.E.: Yes, they are called regional planes but if you look at the cross-section of these planes, the cross-section of Sukhoi is a little bit wider, and if you look at the flight characteristics, they are a little bit different. So, we are also presenting and selling models which are significantly smaller in size, and therefore I believe we are not crossing the market with each other.

RT: And you are hoping to sign some deals yourself, and though you cannot tell us too much, I guess, are you hoping to be putting pen-to-paper on any deals at this event?  

S.E.: That's true. We cannot disclose details right now, but we are talking to some of the customers and some of the discussions are very serious. We believe, maybe, we will  conclude certain deals also during this show.

RT: How important, do you think, is this event  for your company, once it is there? How important, do you think, is it for Russia, and putting Russian aeronautical technology onto the world arena?

S.E.: Well, we believe in general that co-operation is very important because at Bombardier we are basically an international company and we are doing a lot of co-operation. And we believe that Russia should also open itself for wider industrial contacts, contracts, and co-operation deals. We believe it is extremely important.