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22 Nov, 2008 23:21

Angry Americans protest against U.S. monetary policy

While leaders in Peru grapple with the financial fallout, Americans angry at the multi-billion dollar bailout plans are protesting in Washington. They say the U.S. Federal Reserve, far from helping solve the financial crisis, is taking money out of their

Today is National End The Fed day, and a number of U.S. citizens concerned with the country’s fiscal policy have gathered in 39 cities nationwide at each Federal Reserve building saying that they are sick and tired of being robbed.

“What bothers me about the Fed – they’re so secretive about how the monetary policy is done. They just keep on printing more and more money and everyone knows you can’t run a printing press and create wealth,” a protester in Washington said.

Some Americans are calling for a sound monetary policy and an end to bailouts.

They claim that the Federal Reserve system is at the very heart of the current economic crisis which these days might be beating out of control.

Debbie Krueger is a former marine, and a mother of five. She helped to organise the protest.

“The Federal Reserve is monopolising our money system and I know people that are working at three jobs and still can’t make ends meet. It’s just sad and disgusting that we don’t have the same quality of life that we used to have. The way that they are using the money is a disgrace, all the foreign wars that they are fighting for no reason are based on lies, and the Federal Reserve is based on lies,” she said.

Another marine, young Adam Kokesh who served in Iraq, has been a vocal critic of the war since leaving the U.S. Marines.

“I think that the Federal Reserve is the driving force for corporatism in America and the military industrial complex which of course is driving out imperialist foreign policy and often they have no regard for human morality, or life, or decency,” he said.