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12 Apr, 2019 15:08

Greetings, Earthlings! 20,000 Russians snatch up land plots on the Moon

Greetings, Earthlings! 20,000 Russians snatch up land plots on the Moon

Lunar plots are owned by around 40 million Earthlings, with some 20,000 of them from Russia, according to real estate company NDV.

According to the company’s experts, land plots on the moon are the cheapest that one could legitimately purchase in outer space.

Companies operating in Russia are selling one acre of such land for 3,000 rubles ($47), which is less than a dollar per square meter. The owner is provided with a certificate of title.

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The plots are sold on the visible side of the moon, which allows for a ‘land marking’ when the owner could see the boundaries of their plot and the neighboring one with the help of observation devices.

NDV experts noted that lunar real estate is not an asset, which means it cannot act as a pledge or be used for paying off debts.

In 1967, the UN prevented any country from owning land on the moon and the 1979 Moon Treaty further stated that all satellites must be used for the good of humanity and not a single country.

In 1980, US citizen Dennis Hope claimed ownership of the moon after saying he found a loophole in the UN Outer Space Treaty that prevented countries from owning land there – but did not similarly restrict individuals.

The so-called Lunar Embassy, which was established by Hope, claims that over one billion acres of moon have already been “sold and distributed worldwide.”

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“You can buy a piece of the moon or own land on Mars. As well as give the unique gift of property on the planet Venus,” the Lunar Embassy’s website claims.

According to the firm, every single moon property comes with three documents: the Lunar Deed, the Lunar Map and the Lunar Codes, Covenants & Restrictions.

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