China Mobile wants lower roaming prices in Russia

China Mobile wants lower roaming prices in Russia
One of the largest cell phone operators in the world, China Mobile expects to reach an agreement with Russian authorities to reduce prices for internet roaming, said the general manager of China Mobile International Zhang Ruiping.

"We want to help national governments to reduce roaming prices, it is now very expensive. We look forward to promoting the dialogue with the Russian authorities,” he said at a meeting of BRICS communications ministers.

“We hope that after the meeting of BRICS ministers we will be able to agree on reducing the cost of internet roaming with Russia ", Zhang Ruiping added.

According to Zhang Ruiping, in 2015 the company reached a similar agreement with Brazil and plans to conclude a deal with India by the end of November.

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) comprise about 30 percent of world's GDP in PPP terms and are projected to increase to as much as 45 percent by 2030. BRICS already accounts for 17 percent of world trade.

The latest BRICS summit was held in the Russian city Ufa, where the heads of the countries launched the New Development Bank (NDB) intended to promote sustainable development in BRICS states. The startup capital is $50 billion.