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4 Mar, 2024 14:36

Global problems must be solved collectively – Zambian healthcare specialist

International solutions to key issues facing humanity are necessary, Isaaс Pomboloka told RT
Global problems must be solved collectively – Zambian healthcare specialist

Global problems should be solved collectively to build a shared future, Zambian digital healthcare specialist, Isaaс Pomboloka, has told RT in an exclusive interview. 

Speaking on the sidelines of the World Youth Festival (WYF 2024), Pomboloka said globalization had created “global problems.”

He cited the pandemic as an example. “There is no region in the world that can independently solve the issue of a pandemic,” the specialist said. 

Pomboloka believes that collaboration with companies attending the festival will boost digital health programs in Zambia.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Fortress Properties Limited in Zambia, Langford Banda, expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation between Zambia and Russia.

“I would like to see the Zambian relationship with Russia enhanced,” Banda said. He said this relationship was “based on mutual respect.” 

WYF 2024 kicked off in Sirius, Sochi in Russia’s Krasnodar region on Friday. Its main program will run through March 7. The event brings together some 20,000 young experts in various fields, from education and science to business and media, from more than 180 countries to discuss the most pressing international problems and developments. 

This year’s event also welcomes people aged 14 to 17 for the first time as part of a specially designated children’s program, ‘Together into the Future’.

The festival’s program features more than 800 educational, cultural, scientific, and sporting events.