MOSCOW, APRIL 25 —At the upcoming Monte-Carlo Television Festival, RT will compete against Sky News, BBC News and Al Jazeera English for the grand prize in the Live Breaking News category, with its coverage of the humanitarian disaster in the Iraqi city of Mosul. The crisis unfolded as a result of the efforts by Iraqi government forces and their Western allies to recapture the city and surrounding areas from ISIS.

RT was among the first international broadcasters to begin reporting on the suffering of the civilian population in Mosul as it was regularly bombed as part of a government-led offensive against terrorists. In order to raise awareness about the humanitarian disaster occurring, RT launched the campaign #MosulSOS in March 2017.

RT’s War Correspondent Murad Gazdiev talked to the local population fleeing their homes and reported on the massive scale of destruction caused by the coalition’s continued airstrikes on Mosul. RT’s reports included expert opinions, including that of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Representative in Iraq Bruno Geddo.


In 2013, RT won the Golden Nymph – Monte-Carlo TV Festival’s top prize – for Best 24-Hour Newscast with its round-the-clock coverage of the Chelyabinsk meteorite crash. In 2014, RT was named a finalist for its detailed coverage of Ukraine’s Maidan protests on January 22, 2014. RT’s reporters provided coverage as the protests developed, broadcasting live amid burning barricades. In 2015, RT made it to the Monte-Carlo finals for its reporting of the May 9 shooting of civilians, who were celebrating Victory Day in Mariupol, Ukraine. In 2017, RT’s special coverage of the Russian parliamentary election was also among the finalists at Monte-Carlo.

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival, created in 1961 by Prince Rainier III of Monaco, recognizes television as an exceptional means of bringing cultures together and enhancing their respective knowledge. Golden Nymph statuettes are awarded to the best in international television programming.