MOSCOW, MARCH 15, 2017 —RT launches a special project, FakeCheck, aimed at weeding out and correcting inaccuracies, bias, misinformation, and outright falsehoods in global coverage of major news stories.

With FakeCheck, RT addresses the growing challenge of fact-checking news reports and ensuring accuracy in current affairs coverage in the age of “fake news” threats, the mainstream echo chamber effect, and social media.

“With today’s overabundance of sources and the prevalence of social media streams in news delivery, misinformation can spread like wildfire, with unverified reports, rumors, and outright falsehoods getting serious news treatment,” RT’s Deputy Head of News Andrey Kiyashko comments. “RT’s new project helps you separate fact from fake.”

The FakeCheck portal is an interactive multimedia resource that is easy to use and gets to the heart of a news story. The project has already tackled stories about the International Space Station supposedly inviting Donald Trump into space, the Russian hacking-that never-happened of the US electricity grid, and reports from the Syrian city of Aleppo.