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MOSCOW, AUGUST 9, 2016 – RT has become Russia’s first broadcaster to be nominated for the fourth time for the prestigious International Emmy Awards. RT’s series of reports covering the 70th anniversary session of the United Nations General Assembly has made it to the finals in the News category.

“It’s great to see Emmy voters appreciate the diversity of perspectives, which has been the RT trademark for many years,” says Margarita Simonyan, RT’s Editor-in-Chief. “It is especially telling that RT’s recognized work covered the story – a seminal UN Assembly – that embodied the same mission.”

Other contestants for the International Emmy Award for News include Al Jazeera English, Sky News and Brazil’s TV Globo.

“RT provided continuous live coverage of the UNGA out of a pop-up studio set up inside the UN headquarters. The RT team brought to life a comprehensive story of the event. We used 3D graphics to show how the legendary UN Building came to be erected on the bank of the East River previously occupied by a slaughterhouse; our correspondents offered a view from behind the podium from which Hugo Chavez once denounced George W. Bush as “the devil,” said Elizaveta Brodskaya, RT’s First Deputy Editor-in-Chief. 

This is RT’s fourth News & Current Affairs nomination for the International Emmy Awards. The channel was nominated in 2010 for its coverage of US President Barack Obama’s first visit to Moscow; in 2012 for covering Occupy Wall Street protests in the United States in 2011; and in 2014 for a series of reports on a Guantanamo Bay inmates’ hunger strike.

Watch RT’s special coverage of the UNGA here: