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In Australia, 3.5m snakes just hang out (VIDEO)

In Australia, 3.5m snakes just hang out (VIDEO)
An Australian town councillor has become somewhat of a local celebrity after a video posting of two snakes hanging from the roof of his house went viral.

Keith Williams, a councillor in Ballina Shire, New South Wales, captured the footage Thursday and uploaded it to Facebook and Twitter where it has been well received by snake enthusiasts.

Williams initially though the 3.5m snakes were lovers enjoying mating season but was informed that it was quite the opposite. Instead, two male snakes were battling it out to see which one would earn the right to mate with a coveted female companion.

“Our resident snakes – a male and a female python – have lived in our roof space during winter for the last three years.

“We think another male has come along, and he’s been chased off after a fight.

“It was just fascinating to watch as it went on for forty five minutes – it was amazing.” Williams wrote.

The snakes continued their epic battle in Williams’ garden after which the victor cosied up to his mate back on the councillors roof which they call home, a fact that doesn’t seem to bother Williams in the slightest.

"During winter when they live in the house we don't have any problems with rats or mice, which is a great thing… these are pythons, they're harmless, they're just beautiful to watch." he said.