Woman who cleaned Trump Hollywood star ridiculed on Twitter

Woman who cleaned Trump Hollywood star ridiculed on Twitter
A woman inspired a barrage of mockery from the internet for posting images of herself scrubbing President Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Makenna Greenwald decided to give Trump’s much-vandalized star a good scrub, and took the time to pose for a few pictures while doing it. She posted them to Twitter, saying, “Stopped to clean @realDonaldTrump Hollywood Star. Nothing but respect for MY President. #RaisedRight.”

Despite the avalanche of abuse her good deed prompted, Greenwald was praised by the likes of the president’s son, Eric, and Fox News host, Sean Hannity, when she first shared the tweet.

It wasn’t long before creative tweeters were inspired to share their own cleaning efforts, with many choosing the likes of Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep and even Harambe as their preferred president.

It didn’t stop there though, with Greenwald’s choice of hashtag – ‘raisedright’ – used by some to show how their upbringing engendered values which stood in contrast to many of the president’s more controversial views. 

Others took the opportunity to highlight Trump policies or viewpoints they believe are neither clean nor in line with the behavior of a well-raised person.