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‘Happiest People on Earth’: Take a rare peek inside North Korea in RT’s new doc (360 VIDEOS)

‘Happiest People on Earth’: Take a rare peek inside North Korea in RT’s new doc (360 VIDEOS)
RT’s latest documentary ‘The Happiest People on Earth’ gives a rare and immersive inside look at the world’s most-isolated country, North Korea. It airs Wednesday, June 21.

Our documentary team recently visited the land of the ‘Great Marshall’, Kim Jong-un, as the nation celebrates the birthdays of his two predecessors, supreme leaders Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung.

We returned with some amazing images, including 10 pieces of 360-degree footage taken at some of the iconic sights, which can be viewed below, giving an even more immersive look at the country and how it operates.

Some of the highlights include a visit to the sanctuary of sciences in the center of Pyongyang. 

North Korea’s national dances, in which thousands of citizens come together to dance and sing in unison.

And of course the parade celebrating 105 years since Kim Il-sung’s birth.

All 10 of the 360 videos can be viewed here.

The documentary provides an insight into the country and its people who say they’re the happiest people in the world, and why North Koreans adore their great leader as a father who takes care of them and all their needs.

They’re told that he’s made their country the most powerful and economically-developed on the planet. A quick look online or at any international media organization leads to a different conclusion, but in North Korea information is controlled, as is free use of the internet.

Some of the highlights to expect include a visit to the two huge bronze statues of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il on Mansu Hill. Every visitor must stick to a strict ritual, clothes must be unassuming and tidy, and all visitors must lay flowers at the pedestals and bow before the statues. Newlyweds also have to visit and pay tribute.

The documentary features a number of interviews with citizens, as they go about their daily lives ahead of the big birthday celebrations.

Watch 'The Happiest People On Earth' on the RTD website on June 21 or on RT’s live feed. The time of the broadcast is available on RT’s schedule page.