Animal rights activists ‘milked’ in udderly bizarre protest (VIDEO)

Animal rights activists ‘milked’ in udderly bizarre protest (VIDEO)
In the latest moo-vement protesting cow exploitation, four blindfolded women ‘milked’ their own breasts in central Vienna. The group of activists were symbolically linked to a container.

"It would be like taking a human, making her pregnant, taking the baby at the first day - taking it away - to drink his milk. It would be the same," one of the activists from the Association against Animal Factories (VGT) said.

Under the banner “My Mother, my milk,” the activists’ ‘milk’ was fed to a cut-out poster of a calf.

“One liter of milk takes one thousand liters of water,” an activist said, pointing to the high amount of water used in the processing of pasteurized milk, as detailed in the IME food waste report.

One passer-by argued against the activists’ suggestion of soy as an alternative, telling them that soy milk sourced from South America was actually causing environmental damage to the rainforest.