Man sets own motorcycle on fire at gas station (VIDEO)

Man sets own motorcycle on fire at gas station (VIDEO)
Five workers put out a raging fire at a gas station in China and saved the life of the man who started the blaze in just four minutes.

The dramatic incident at the Sinopec petrol station in Yibin city, in China's Sichuan Province happened on May 4 and was caught on CCTV camera, reported The Paper.

Footage of the blaze and the quick thinking actions of the gas station workers has now been shared online.

The video shows a man drive his motorcycle up to the fuel pumps before seeing his bike alight.

Gas station workers quickly attempt to extinguish the blaze as the man jumps straight into the inferno.

One of the employees then drag the man to safety. Later in the clip the bike is also removed from the fire.

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The brave workers were awarded a total of 65,000 yuan ($9,500) for their actions. Their employer, Sinopec, shared the footage on Weibo and praised the “brave frontline staff.”

A police investigation has been launched in relation to the incident. No casualties were reported as a result of the fire according to CGTN.