CNN mistakenly spots ‘Russian minarets’ on new Time cover (PHOTO)

CNN mistakenly spots ‘Russian minarets’ on new Time cover (PHOTO)
The famous Russian architectural features enveloping the White House on the latest cover of Time magazine seem to have stumped CNN, which referred to the onion domes as “Russian minarets.”

The cover of the new issue of Time features the White House covered in a structure which appears to be a combination of two Moscow landmarks – the Kremlin Walls and the onion domes of St. Basil's Cathedral.

The architectural depiction of the “Trump Russia ties” narrative had CNN stumped, which called the onion domes "Russian minarets" in an editorial. While onion domes are a predominant form of Russian Orthodox church domes, minarets are distinctive tower-like features usually found adjacent to mosques.

CNN quickly realized the mistake and changed the headline “to more accurately describe Russian architecture,” according to a clarification in the article.

Despite promptly changing the wording, the ‘Russian minarets’ caused a wave of online mockery.