Qantas CEO gets smashed in face with massive cream pie (VIDEO)

Qantas CEO gets smashed in face with massive cream pie (VIDEO)
Qantas CEO Alan Joyce had no time to adopt the brace position before being struck in the face by a pie-wielding protester as he delivered a speech in Perth.

The Irish boss of the Aussie airline was accosted by a disgruntled man who took to the stage and casually pushed the pie in his face before walking away.

"I don't know what that was about, we might take a break for a second," Joyce told those in attendance at the West Business Leadership Matters breakfast before leaving to clean up. He returned shortly after, sans jacket, and told an amused crowd “If there are any more pies can you get it over with now.”

The pie-thruster was quickly dealt with by security, according to The West Australian. The motivation for the attack by the 67 year old is unknown. In an image taken after the incident the suspect, who is dressed in a suit, can be seen surrounded by security.

Joyce told reporters that claims it was motivated by the CEO’s support for same-sex marriage in Australia were pure speculation. Disappointingly for Joyce he’s not a fan of pie, failing to identity the flavour.

Some flyers took pleasure from the incident, claiming the pie probably tasted better than Qantas’ in-flight food.