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9 May, 2017 13:39

Chicken supreme: #NuggsForCarter rules roost, beats Ellen’s retweet record

Chicken supreme: #NuggsForCarter rules roost, beats Ellen’s retweet record

Carter Wilkerson has finally got his nuggets and earned a place in history. His plea for free chicken became the most retweeted tweet in history, reaching the 3.4 million mark and breaking Ellen DeGeneres’ record.

The Nevada teen’s original tweet on April 6 saw him ask Wendy’s restaurant: “How many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?” This set him on an epic quest to fulfill their requirement of a mere 18 million.

He may still be a long way off that number but given his emergence from obscurity to beat Ellen’s famous Oscar selfie, Wilkerson has earned himself an army of supporters.

It wasn’t just friends and family helping Carter get his nuggs, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon got in on the action too, drumming up support for the chicken-enthusiast. USA Badminton even offered their support with free membership to work off the nuggets if he achieves his goal.

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Ellen told her viewers to give Wilkerson a retweet, but added: “Anyone who retweets Carter's tweet should retweet mine; that way I retain my title."

“If I can ride your coat tails to 18 million retweets I'll give you a year's supply of Ellen underwear and this 55-inch Roku TV."

Wendy's took to Twitter to clarify that, despite not reaching 18 million retweets, Carter has been awarded his beloved nuggs.