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8 May, 2017 10:23

Giving convicts sex dolls will end prison ‘mischief’ – inmate

Giving convicts sex dolls will end prison ‘mischief’ – inmate

A UK prisoner has called for inmates to be given a sex doll modeled on their other half in a bid to offset the effects of pent-up testosterone in the penal system.

Jack Swarez is serving 17 years for drug dealing and feels his long stretch would be easier served with the help of a familiar companion.

Swarez laid out his theory in the prison publication, Inside Time, explaining he was inspired by a Channel 4 documentary about men living with sex dolls. “I noticed that all of these men looked very happy and stress-free,” he said. As the UK doesn’t allow conjugal visits for inmates, sex dolls could be used instead, Swarez suggested.

“There are companies who manufacture these doll women and, if this idea is taken up, everyone who purchases one can send a photo of their loved one and have the company incorporate their features into the doll,” Swarez said. 

“The trouble is, our prisons are full of young men filled with testosterone who would give their right arm for a bit of passion,” he added. “The frustration of this situation makes these young men restless and wanting to cause mischief.”

According to Swarez, sex dolls could “help alleviate this ongoing problem,” and even “de-stress the wings of every establishment the length and breadth of our nation.”

Sex dolls wouldn’t only help with prisoners’ frustrations, Swarez explained. “As these doll women would have to be manually blown-up,” smokers would have a chance to "exercise their lungs," he said, adding “It’s a win-win situation."

“They could enjoy date nights, watch the soaps together, listen to music – everything that you would normally do with your partner,” Swarez said, adding that the prisoners would only be able to access their dolls at the weekend, and would have to “release the air from their partner and put her/him back into the box,” during the week.

Swarez was jailed in 2012 for 17 years after he was found to be the “managing director” of a drug gang which brought heroin and cocaine to the UK. He’s serving his time in HMP Lowdham Grange, Nottinghamshire.