Bang bus? Strip club van causes kid to crash (VIDEO)

Bang bus? Strip club van causes kid to crash (VIDEO)
Whether this is a case of ‘like father, like son’, we’re not sure, but, either way, one young boy learned what can happen when you get distracted by racy images on the side of a van advertising a strip club.

While cycling along the sidewalk, understood to be in Stockholm, Sweden, the child is seemingly transfixed and impressed by the van’s artwork, and can heard saying  “Ooh la la” as he passes.

Moments later though, he crashes straight into the barrier in front of him. Luckily he was wearing a helmet.

The video was uploaded to Twitter by Anders Forssberg, with the caption “Världsklass” (world class), on Monday and has been retweeted more than 18,000 times, amassing some 22,000 likes and generating a vibrant discussion of almost 350 comments.

It’s unclear why a passerby was filming the van at coincidentally the same time as the child was cycling by, but Forssberg claims that the video hasn’t been staged. Not everyone is convinced, however.