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Hot dam! Wayward beaver unintentionally herds 150 cattle in impressive video

Hot dam! Wayward beaver unintentionally herds 150 cattle in impressive video
A wayward beaver accidentally became a cattle herder to 150 heifers after it wandered upon their pasture on a ranch in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The incredible “Canadian” moment was captured on video by cattle rancher Adrienne Ivey, who couldn’t believe her eyes when she stumbled upon the bizarre scene.

Writing in her blog, Ivey described the incident as “the time that a beaver took control of the herd for a day” and explained how she and her husband went to check their cattle only to find them crowded in a tight group.

“We expected maybe a new calf, but what we actually found was possibly the most Canadian thing we have ever witnessed on our ranch,” she wrote. “You see, the heifers were following none other than a beaver happily leading the herd around the pasture.”

Ivey said the beaver was quietly minding its own business when it caught the attention of the “curious” herd, following its lead as it moved along.

Ivey said beavers – a Canadian symbol – are commonplace on the ranch due to the wetlands, and are particularly plentiful at this time of the year as they are seeking new locations for their huts.

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The rancher posted a later update on Facebook marking her surprise at the viral success of her video and explaining her reasons for sharing footage of the “adorable beaver.”

“There is so much hate and discontent going around Canada and Saskatchewan these days, I thought this would be an excellent way to bring the amazing people of Canada together.”