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Do it like they do on the Discovery channel: Pornhub urges public to have Panda sex

Do it like they do on the Discovery channel: Pornhub urges public to have Panda sex
PornHub have come up with a novel way to mark #NationalPandaDay, offering to donate cash to an animal charity in return for personal videos of people having sex dressed in panda suits.

The idea behind the porno push is to show the videos to pandas, with the hope of arousing their curiosity and encouraging the notoriously lazy lotharios to mate.

The adult entertainment website says it will donate to a worthy panda cause for each video uploaded.

How many people have panda suits lying about is unclear but that doesn’t concern PornHub, who have created a new “Panda Style” category for uploaded videos.

“Female pandas – who are sexually receptive only two or three days each year – have a very slim chance of mating with males because of their inactivity.

To get pandas in the mood again, scientists and zookeepers have resorted to various methods to encourage fornication, including using ‘panda porn’ that helps to increase these cuddly little tumblers’ sexual appetite. However, there aren’t many videos readily available and most of them are of poor quality,” the company said.

That’s where the animal conscious public come in. And to help, they’ve even made a video to help you out just encase you’re still confused, and naturally the initiative has gone wild online.

#NationalPandaDay also brings with it some good news. The long endangered mammals have moved off the endangered species list.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, have moved the distinctive black and white bamboo loving bears up a notch from “endangered” to “vulnerable”.

Still at risk, but thanks to the brave souls who upload their panda themed loving to PornHub, perhaps not for much longer.