Horned activists soak themselves in ‘blood’ to protest bullfighting in Spain

Horned activists soak themselves in ‘blood’ to protest bullfighting in Spain
A group of animal rights activists staged a dramatic, ‘blood-soaked’ protest in front of the town hall of Valencia on Sunday calling for an end to the highly-controversial bullfighting tradition prevalent throughout Spain.

“We are enjoying the festivities of the Fallas, but at the same time bull runs are taking place at the bullfighting fair,” Carmen Moll, a spokesperson for the animal rights group Anima Naturalis, told Europa Press at the event, according to their website.  

The buckets of artificial blood the activists carried bore slogans that read, ‘The Fallas are soaked in blood.'

Moll added that the buckets “represent all the blood that is going to be shed these days in the bullring, using the Fallas festivity as an excuse,” when speaking with Ruptly TV.

Bullfighting forms one part of the traditional Fallas celebrations held in the city every March.

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Moll read from the group’s manifesto before the ‘bloody’ climax of the protest:

“The Fallas are beautiful celebrations that attract many people as is: the light, the color, the noise and the warm atmosphere are enough to have a good time. They are parties that invite fun, not death.”

“Abolish bullfighting!” the activists shouted as they drenched themselves in ‘blood.’

While still popular with older generations in Spain, the practice of bullfighting has come under increasing pressure from younger generations who decry it as cruel and needless, and protests such as this one have become an ever more common sight in recent years.