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Extreme artist braves shark-infested waters to pay homage to Spanish wingsuit pioneer (VIDEO)

Extreme artist braves shark-infested waters to pay homage to Spanish wingsuit pioneer (VIDEO)
Catalan extreme artist Markus braved the shark-infested waters of Barcelona Aquarium to pay tribute to one of his heroes, extreme sports pioneer Alvaro Bultó in a visually stunning homage.

At 11am local time, Markus descended into the shark tank and began to paint the first of two such tributes to one of his lifelong heroes.

"The idea of doing the homage to Alvaro Bulto, is because I am an extreme artist and he was an extreme sportsman, so we are very linked in the subject of experiences and actions,” he told Ruptly TV.

Bulto, one of Spain’s best-known wingsuit pilots, broke multiple freefall records, was among the first people to parachute in the Antarctic and participated in base jumping throughout Spain.

“We are in the Aquarium of Barcelona to make this tribute among the sharks. Once this act is finished, I will give the painting to the Bulto family," Markus added. 

Bulto died in 2013 in the Swiss Alps in an apparent wingsuit accident. Markus has promised to donate the portraits to Bulto’s family. 

The second of Markus’ tributes will take place Sunday evening as he engages in one of his signature performance pieces he describes as “painting the music.” Here he paints with ultraviolet paints under ultraviolet lights to music.