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Assange denies Russian funding, blasts MSM coverage of #Vault7

Assange denies Russian funding, blasts MSM coverage of #Vault7
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reiterated he has never been paid by either the Russian government or RT in response to a question from ABC News during a press conference on this week’s ‘Vault 7’ disclosures on CIA hacking.

WikiLeaks will give tech companies exclusive access to CIA hacking tools - Assange (VIDEO)

The head of the whistleblowing organization described ‘Vault 7’ as an “epic scoop” – the largest publication of confidential documents on the CIA, and criticized MSM questions for trying to divert from that.

ABC News correspondent Brian Ross asked Assange via Twitter if he had ever been paid by the Russian government or RT to which the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief replied: “No, but quite interesting to see ABC taking that line.”

Assange went on to call it a “pretty sad question” which tried to divert from the publication of the documents.

The question was also criticized by some commenters online who described it as an ineffective attack on WikiLeaks’ credibility.

Assange also noted that CNN’s initial question on the leaks was one that “defended the interests of the CIA”.

CNN asked: “As long as these are overseas targets isn't it legal for CIA to do this?”

Assange replied it was “problematic” that this was the first question asked by CNN, adding that the CIA has a “habit of behaving badly within the US as well.”